Workshop on Quantum groups and physics

When: Monday, September 6th, 10:00 to Friday, September 10th, 12:00
Where: Caen University, France, Campus 2, lecture hall S3 057
With a minicourse by J. Barrett (Nottingham): The spin foam lectures
Organized by Emmanuel Germain, Daniele Pranzetti and Roland Vergnioux
There is no registration fee.
Accomodation, Directions etc: see Practical Informations

The detailed programme is available on this page, and also as a pdf file. Here is a list of invited talks:
  • M. Arzano (Utrecht) Anatomy of a deformed symmetry
  • A. Borowiec (Wrocław) kappa-Minkowski spacetime, deformed phase space and DSR algebra
  • F. D'Andrea (Trieste) Deformations of Kahlerian Lie groups
  • M. Dupuis (Lyon) U(N) framework and simplicity constraints for spin foam models
  • P. Fima (Paris) Twisting of locally compact quantum groups
  • F. Girelli (Sidney) Quantum group symmetries in Snyder space-time
  • P. Kasprzak (Copenhagen) Quantum Homogeneous Spaces
  • J. Kowalski-Glikman (Wrocław) An apology for DSR
  • J. Lukierski (Wrocław) From kappa-deformed oscillators to kappa-deformed quantum field theory
  • S. Majid (London) Almost commutative Riemannian geometry
  • P. Martinetti (Rome) Noether analysis on noncommutative spacetime
  • C. Meusburger (Hamburg) Quantum group symmetries and the quantum torus universe
  • D. Nikshych (New Hampshire) The Witt group of non-degenerate braided fusion categories
  • K. Noui (Tours) Quantum groups and quantum gravity
  • D. Pranzetti (Luminy) Quantum groups and black hole entropy in loop quantum gravity
  • V.N. Tolstoy (Moskow) Quantum Deformations of Relativistic Symmetries and Supersymmetries
  • L. Vainerman (Caen) Subfactors and quantum groupoids related to Tambara-Yamagami categories