XXXth Journées Arithmétiques
CAEN, 3-7 July 2017

General Program

The location of the different talks is indicated on the campus map.

The morning talks will take place in building E, Amphithéâtre D1.

Monday Tuesday WednesdayThursday Friday
8:45 Opening
9:00 - 10:00
Olivier Wittenberg
Zéro-cycles sur les espaces homogènes de groupes linéaires
9:00 - 10:00
Laura DeMarco
Complex dynamics, heights, and elliptic curves
9:00 - 10:00
Wei Zhang
Algebraic cycles, L-functions and relative trace formulae
9:00 - 10:00
Ana Caraiani
Shimura varieties, torsion classes and Galois representations
9:00 - 10:00
Bhargav Bhatt
Integral p-adic Hodge theory and THH
10:00 - 10:45
Coffee break
10:00 - 10:45
Coffee break
10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
10:00 - 10:45
Coffee break
10:00 - 10:45
Coffee break
10:45 - 11:45
Maryna Viazovska
The sphere packing problem in dimensions 8 and 24
10:45 - 11:45
Yves André
Deep ramification techniques in commutative algebra
10:30 - 11:30
Trevor Wooley
Nested Efficient Congruencing and relatives of Vinogradov's mean value theorem
10:45 - 11:45
Toby Gee
Potential automorphy
10:45 - 11:45
Jacob Tsimerman
Transcendence conjectures for Shimura Varieties and Period maps
11:45 - 13:30
11:45 Photo11:30
11:45 - 13:30
11:45 - 13:30
12:00 - 13:45
13:30 - 15:20
Short talks
13:45 - 16:05
Short talks
13:30 - 15:20
Short talks
13:30 - 14:50
Short talks
15:20 - 16:00
Coffee break
16:05 - 16:50
Coffee break
15:20 - 16:00
Coffee break
14:50 - 15:30
Coffee break
16:00 - 17:50
Short talks
16:50 - 18:40
Short talks
16:00 - 17:50
Short talks
15:30 - 16:30
Open problems
End of the JA2017
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Parallel sessions program

The afternoons of the Journées are dedicated to five parallel sessions, which will take place on the ground floor of building N.

Monday 3 July

Session 1 Session 2Session 3Session 4 Session 5
Room Amphi Poincaré Amphi Dumont d'UrvilleAmphi FresnelAmphi Rouelle Amphi Vauquelin
13:30Christoph Aistleitner
Pair correlations and equidistributionPair correlations and equidistribution
Montserrat Alsina
Fuchsian tessellations and applicationsFuchsian tessellations and applications
Alex Torzewski
Galois action on units of rings of integersGalois action on units of rings of integers
Deniz Kaptan
Small Gaps Between Primes in Arithmetic ProgressinsSmall Gaps Between Primes in Arithmetic Progressins
Alain Togbé
Pell equations and sequencesPell equations and sequences
14:00François Ballaÿ
Une généralisation effective du théorème de LiouvilleUne généralisation du théorème de Liouville effectif pour les variétés projectives
Rupam Barman
Counting points on Dwork hypersurfacesCounting points on Dwork hypersurfaces and hypergeometric functions
Francesc Bars
Ferrero-Washington theorem for cyclotomic fieldsAn analog of Ferrero-Washington theorem over the Carlitz-cyclotomic extension
Patrick Meisner
High Powers of Trace of FrobeniusExpected Value of High Powers of the Trace of Frobenius of Biquadratic Curves over Finite Fields
Kirsti Biggs
Waring's problem with shiftsWaring's problem with shifts
14:30Gökhan Soydan
A Diophantine equation with power sumsOn the solutions of a Diophantine equation with power sums
Matthew Bisatt
Schur Indices and BSDThe Compatibility of the Conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer with Schur Indices
Jung Kyu Canci
Periodic points for rational functionsScarcity of periodic points for rational functions over a number field
Sérgio Mendes
L-packets and depth for S L 2 ( K ) On L-packets and depth for S L 2 ( K ) and its inner form
Marija Bliznac Trebješanin
Nonexistence of D ( 4 ) -quintuplesNonexistence of D ( 4 ) -quintuples
15:00Antonella Perucca
Reductions of Elliptic CurvesReductions of Elliptic Curves
César Martínez
Torsion in subvarieties of Abelian varietiesBounds on the number of maximal torsion cosets of subvarieties of Abelian varieties
Alexandre Gélin
Groupes de Classes et CryptologieCalcul de Groupes de Classes d'un Corps de Nombres et Applications à la Cryptologie
Matthew Lettington
On Critical Binomial PolynomialsBinomial Polynomials mimicking Riemann's Zeta Function
Jakub Byszewski
Sparse generalised polynomialsSparse generalised polynomials
15:20 Coffee break
16:00Alexander Bruno
Generalized continued fractionComputation of the best Diophantine approximations by means of the generalized continued fraction
Mehmet Cenkci
Some congruences on hyperharmonic numbersSome congruences on hyperharmonic numbers
Hidetaka Kitayama
Siegel modular formsSiegel modular forms with respect to non-split symplectic groups
Neelam Saikia
Supercongruences for Truncated Hypergeometric SeriesSupercongruences for Truncated Hypergeometric Series
El Houcein El Abdalaoui
On the Erdös flat polynomials problemOn the Erdös flat polynomials problem and Chowla conjecture
16:30Kwok Chi Chim
A lower bound for linear forms in two p -adic logarithmsA lower bound for linear forms in two p -adic logarithms
Gunther Cornelissen
Graph theory and uniform finitenessGraph theory and uniform finiteness results for rational points on curves
Peter Koymans
Unit equations in characteristic p On the equation x + y = 1 in finitely generated multiplicative groups in positive characteristic
Khadija Mbarki
Sign changes of Hecke eigenvaluesExplicit bounds for the number of sign changes of Hecke eigenvalues
Mikhail Gabdullin
Sets avoiding squares in m Sets avoiding squares in m
17:00Dmitry Gayfulin
Attainable numbers and the Lagrange spectrumAttainable numbers and the Lagrange spectrum
Éric Gaudron
Torsion points on CM abelian varietiesTorsion points on CM abelian varieties
Emmanuel Lecouturier
Éléments d'Eisenstein supérieursThéorie des éléments d'Eisenstein supérieurs dans le module supersingulier et les symboles modulaires
Tomomi Ozawa
Classical weight one forms in a Hida familyClassical weight one forms in a Hida family of Hilbert cusp forms with parallel weights
Georges Grekos
Weighted exponential densitiesWeighted exponential densities
17:30Paul Voutier
Elliptic division polynomials and divisibility sequencesArithmetic properties of elliptic division polynomials and divisibility sequences
Borka Jadrijević
Determining elements of minimal indexDetermining elements of minimal index in some infinite families of bicyclic biquadratic number fields
Bartosz Sobolewski
2-adic valuation of some generalized Fibonacci sequencesThe 2-adic valuation of some generalized Fibonacci sequences with an application to Diophantine equations involving factorials
Aram Tangboonduangjit
Generalized Bernoulli PolynomialsGeneralized Bernoulli Polynomials via the Residue Theorem
Michael Weba
Finite Representations of the Partition FunctionFinite Spectral Representations of the Partition Function and Related Mappings

Tuesday 4 July

Session 1 Session 2Session 3Session 4 Session 5
Room Amphi Poincaré Amphi Dumont d'UrvilleAmphi FresnelAmphi Rouelle Amphi Vauquelin
13:45Zhizhong Huang
Distribution locale sur certaines variétés toriquesApproximation diophantienne et distribution locale des points de hauteur bornée sur certaines variétés toriques
Dino Destefano
Eisenstein series and p -adic analytic modular formsResults on Eisenstein series and application to explicit results about p -adic analytic families of modular forms in level one
Laura Paladino
Local-global divisibilityLocal-global divisibility in abelian varieties
Didier Lesesvre
Type de symétrie des quaternionsLe type de symétrie des algèbres de quaternions totalement définies
Christoph Hutle
Diophantine Triples in Linear RecurrencesDiophantine Triples in Linear Recurrences
14:15Hajime Kaneko
On the digits of smooth numbersOn the number of nonzero digits of smooth numbers
Lucile Devin
Divisivility by p of N X ( p ) Divisibility properties of the number of F p -points of schemes defined over Z
Gabriele Ranieri
A result about the local-global divisibiltyOn the local-global divisibility problem over abelian surfaces
Nick Rome
On the Hasse norm principleThe Hasse Norm Principle for Biquadratic Extensions of
Ali Kacha
Continued fraction of quasi-arithmetic power meansContinued fraction expansions of the quasi-arithmetic power means of two positive definite matrices
14:45Makoto Kawashima
Special values of p -adic Hurwitz zeta functionIrrationality of the special values of formal Laurent series represented by the formal Mellin transform of G -functions
Florence Gillibert
Local-global divisibilty and G L 2 -type varietiesOn the local-global divisibility problem over G L 2 -type varieties
Brundaban Sahu
Rankin-Cohen brackets on Jacobi formsRankin-Cohen brackets on Jacobi forms and Siegel modular forms and Certain Dirichlet series
Hironori Shiga
An explicit form of a Shimura canonical modelAn explicit form of the Shimura canonical model for the quaternion algebra of discriminant 6
Kacem Belhroukia
Opérateur de HeinzDéveloppement en fractions continues de l'opérateur de Heinz
15:15Adelina Mânzăţeanu
Rational Curves on Cubic HypersurfacesRational Curves on Cubic Hypersurfaces over 𝔽 q
Lasse Grimmelt
A Cubic Form and a SquareRepresentation of Squares by nonsingular Cubic Forms
Ketevan Shavgulidze
The space of generalized theta-seriesThe space of generalized theta-series with quadratic forms in any number of variables
Vaidehee Thatte
Ramification Theory in Positive CharacteristicRamification Theory for Arbitrary Valuation Rings in Positive Characteristic
Christina Karolus
Composite polynomialsComposite polynomials in second order linear recurrence sequences
15:45Oleg German
Lattices and Diophantine exponentsLattices and Diophantine exponents
Andrzej Dąbrowski
Orders of Tate-Shafarevich groupsOrders of Tate-Shafarevich groups in families of elliptic curves
Attila Bérczes
Effective results for division points on curvesEffective results for division points on curves over finitely generated domains
Léo Poyeton
Relèvement du corps des normesRelèvement du corps des normes, extensions φ -itérées et groupes de Lubin-Tate relatifs
Markus Hittmeir
A Computational Aspect of Rational ResiduosityA Computational Aspect of Rational Residuosity
16:05 Coffee break
16:50Philippe Moustrou
On sets avoiding distance 1On the Density of Sets Avoiding Parallelohedron Distance 1
Roberto Gualdi
Heights of hypersurfaces in toric varietiesA formula for the height of hypersurfaces in toric varieties with respect to toric line bundles equipped with semipositive toric metrics
Harry Smit
Reconstructing global fieldsThe reconstruction of global fields from Dirichlet L -series and the abelianized Galois group
Giacomo Cherubini
Mean square in the prime geodesic theoremMean square in the prime geodesic theorem
Takao Komatsu
Truncated Bernoulli/Cauchy-Carlitz numbersTruncated Bernoulli-Carlitz and truncated Cauchy-Carlitz numbers
17:20Shoichi Nakajima
Gaussian PrimesOn the distribution of the Gaussian primes
Tomasz Jędrzejak
Polynomial Pell equationsPolynomial Pell equations P ( x ) 2 - ( x 2 m + a x + b ) Q ( x ) 2 = 1 and hyperelliptic curves
Bouchaïb Sodaïgui
Steinitz classesOn Steinitz classes of nonabelian Galois extensions and p -ary cyclic Hamming codes
Shigeki Egami
Dirichlet Series Associated To Recurrence SeriesDirichlet Series Associated To Recurrence Series
Paolo Leonetti
On the p -adic valuation of Stirling numbersOn the p -adic valuation of Stirling numbers of the first kind
17:50Chatchawan Panraksa
Rationnal periodic pointsPeriodic points of rational functions with good reduction everywhere
Mirela Jukić Bokun
Elliptic curves induced by Diophantine triplesOn the torsion group of elliptic curves induced by Diophantine triples over quadratic fields
Ivan Soldo
A Pellian equation with primes and its applicationsA Pellian equation with primes and its applications
Guillaume Hitsch
Moments de fonctions L Moments d'ordre n des fonctions L des formes primitives
Andrea Marino
Polynomial sums of finite groupsA local computation of polynomial sums over distinct elements of a group
18:20Damien Roy
Parametric geometry of numbersParametric geometry of numbers in function fields
Valentijn Karemaker
Fully maximal and minimal supersingular abelian varietiesFully maximal and minimal supersingular varieties
Mohammed Taous
Capitulation des 2-classes d'idéauxCapitulation des 2-classes d'idéaux de certains corps de Dirichlet
Jesse Jääsaari
Exponential Sums Related to Automorphic formsOn the Distribution of Exponential Sums Related to Automorphic forms
Giuseppe Melfi
Primitive weird numbersPrimitive weird numbers with several distinct prime factors

Thursday 6 July

Session 1 Session 2Session 3Session 4 Session 5
Room Amphi Poincaré Amphi Dumont d'UrvilleAmphi FresnelAmphi Rouelle Amphi Vauquelin
13:30Adrian Scheerer
Absolutely normal numbers and their discrepancy estimateOn absolutely normal numbers and their discrepancy estimate
Julian Lyczak
Brauer groups of log K3 surfacesA uniform bound for Brauer groups of certain log K3 surfaces
Douglas Ulmer
Algebraic approaches to Brauer-SiegelAn algebraic approach to the Brauer-Siegel ratio for abelian varieties over function fields
Daniel Rabayev
Intersective A 5 polynomials with two irreducible factorsIntersective A 5 polynomials with two irreducible factors
Piotr Miska
On numbers of permutations of certain typeOn numbers of permutations being products of pairwise disjoint cycles of length d
14:00Efthymios Sofos
Artin's conjecture and the ternary Goldbach problemArtin's conjecture and the ternary Goldbach problem
Riccardo Walter Maffucci
Nodal intersections of arithmetic random wavesNodal intersections of arithmetic random waves with a straight line on the 3d torus
Jan-Willem Van Ittersum
Quantitative Results on Diophantine EquationsQuantitative Results on Diophantine Equations in Many Variables
Joachim König
On parametric setsOn parametric sets of regular Galois extensions over number fields
Muhammed Uludağ
Jimm, a fundamental involutionOn the involution of the real line induced by Dyer's outer automorphism of PGL(2,Z)
14:30Carlo Pagano
Cohen-Lenstra for ray class groupsCohen-Lenstra for ray class groups: Model and theorems
Teimuraz Vepkhvadze
Representation of numbers by binary formsOn the representation of numgers by binary quadratic forms belonging to malti-class genera
Pierre Dèbes
On genus zero pull-backs of Galois coversOn genus zero pull-backs of Galois covers
Péter Pál Pach
Polynomials and progression-free setsPolynomials and progression-free sets
15:00Cristiana Bertolin
Elliptic integrals of the third kind and 1-motivesElliptic integrals of the third kind and 1-motives
Atsuhira Nagano
Class fields via K 3 surfacesA construction of class fields via periods of toric K 3 hypersurfaces
Coline Wiatrowski
Lien entre unité de Stark et groupe des classesÉgalité entre les idéaux de Fitting du groupe des classes et du groupe des unités quotienté par l'unité de Stark
Danny Neftin
Rational points under rational mapsInjectivity of rational maps on rational points
Ram Krishna Pandey
Maximal density of M -setsMaximal density of M -sets
15:20 Coffee break
16:00David Tweedle
Primitive points for Drinfeld modulesPrimitive points for Drinfeld modules
Tomáš Hejda
Totally Positive Quadratic Integers and NumerationTotally Positive Quadratic Integers from the Numeration Point of View
Qinghai Zhong
Minimal distances and class groups characterizationThe set of minimal distances and the characterization of class groups in Krull monoids
François Motte
Sur la conjecture de Malle en théorie inverse de GaloisConstructions d'extensions galoisiennes de groupe G donné sur un corps de nombre K dépendant de G
Tomos Parry
Sequences in arithmetic progressionsTheorems of Barban-Davenport-Halberstam type with higher moments
16:30Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry
Dynamical Zeta Function and Bogomolov PropertyDynamical Zeta Function of the β -shift for β a Totally Real Algebraic Number. The Bogomolov Property
Mihran Papikian
On Ribet's isogenyOn Ribet's isogeny for Jacobians of modular curves of small levels
Jeremy Booher
Geometric Deformations of Galois RepresentationsGeometric Deformations of Orthogonal and Symplectic Galois Representations
Salah Najib
Reduction and specialization of a polynomials familyReduction and specialization of a polynomials family
Zhivko Petrov
On an equation involving fractional powersOn an equation involving fractional powers with one prime and one almost prime variables
17:00Daniele Turchetti
Galois descent for semi-affinoidsAutomorphisms of finite order and tame Galois descent of semi-affinoid curves
François Brunault
Régulateurs modulairesRégulateurs modulaires via la méthode de Rogers-Zudilin
François Legrand
On the Grunwald problemOn the Grunwald problem for regular Galois groups over
Carlo Sanna
G.C.D. of n and the n th term of a recurrenceOn the G.C.D. of n and the n th term of a linear recurrence
17:30Volker Ziegler
Linear Equations in Recurrence SequencesEffective results for linear Equations in Members of two Recurrence Sequences
Erik Visse
Towards a Manin conjecture for K3 surfacesTowards a Manin-type conjecture for the growth of rational points of bounded height on K3 surfaces.
Michael Neururer
Mahler measures of elliptic surfacesMahler measures of elliptic surfaces
Bruno Deschamps
Une curiosité galoisienneUne curiosité galoisienne
Yurii Shteinikov
Product sets of rationalsEstimates for product and quotient sets of integers and rational numbers of bounded height

Friday 7 July

Session 1 Session 2Session 3Session 4 Session 5
Room Amphi Poincaré Amphi Dumont d'UrvilleAmphi FresnelAmphi Rouelle Amphi Vauquelin
13:30Rosa Winter
Concurrent lines on del Pezzo surfaces of degree oneThe maximal number of exceptional curves going through the same point on del Pezzo surfaces of degree one
Henri Johnston
On the p -adic Stark conjecture at s = 1 On the p -adic Stark conjecture at s = 1 and applications to equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture
Cathy Swaenepoel
Digits in finite fieldsDigits in finite fields
Titus Hilberdink
Matrices with multiplicative entriesMatrices with multiplicative entries
Hanane Zerdoum
On Harborth constantsOn the classical and the weighted Harborth constant of certain abelian groups
14:00Vítězslav Kala
Universal Quadratic Forms over Number FieldsUniversal Quadratic Forms over Number Fields
Joni Teräväinen
Double correlations of multiplicative functionsOn double correlations of multiplicative functions
Márton Szikszai
Coprimality in consecutive values of polynomialsA coprimality condition for consecutive values of polynomials
Salvatore Tringali
Full elasticity of power monoidsPower monoids of Dedekind-finite, aperiodic monoids are fully elastic
Oleg Karpenkov
Combinatoric of multidimensional continued fractionsCombinatoric of Minkowski--Voronoi multidimensional continued fractions
14:30Kamel Mazhouda
The Li coefficients for a class of L -functionsThe Li coefficients for a class of L -functions and applications
Jonas Jankauskas
On Littlewood and Newman polynomialsOn Littlewood and Newman polynomial multiples of Borwein polynomials
Mumtaz Hussain
Hausdorff measure and Dirichlet non-improvable numbersHausdorff measure of sets of Dirichlet non-improvable numbers
Jan Šustek
Irrationality measure of infinite seriesNew bounds for irrationality measure of infinite series
Ade Irma Suriajaya
Ergodic value distribution of meromorphic functionsAn ergodic value distribution of certain meromorphic functions
14:50 Coffee break
15:30 Open problems session

Session 6
Room SA-01613:30
Maciej Zakarczemny
On some cancellation algorithmsOn some cancellation algorithms
Christiaan van de Woestijne
On resultant relationsOn resultant relations
Victoria Cantoral Farfán
Torsion pour les variétés abéliennes de type IIITorsion pour les variétés abéliennes de type III